Off plan sale: 3-bedroom apartment in completely new residential neighborhood in Lustica Bay

Listing price: €295 000

Size: 105 sqm (7.5 sqm of terrace) / 1130 sqf (75 sqf of terrace) + 26 sqm of the yard (280 sqf)

No of bedrooms: 3

No of bathrooms: 2

Location: Lustica Bay, Montenegro


Nestled among the Lustica peninsula’s stunning scenery, in a pivotal location, Centrale is set to become Lustica’s Bay town centre. Built with the attention-to-detail, intelligent design and environmental care characteristic of Lustica Bay, it will bring something entirely new to the town. A commercial and administrative hub, cultural centre, verdant haven and gathering space – the new focal point for community life at Lustica Bay and the new urban core of the surrounding area. A cosmopolitan microcosm that will be a new Montenegrin destination in its own right.

Centrale’s modern design will combine active, outdoor living with a seductive measure of old-world Montenegrin charm. Its commercial and residential zones will echo the traditional villages of the area and foster a sense of a small-scale exclusivity. Its centre will enclose a blend of apartments, shops, restaurants, bars, public services and cultural centres, set among courtyards, parks and green spaces.

The masterplan envisages a maximum population of approximately 3500 during the peak summer months, with up to 100 permanent residents remaining throughout the year. Attracting these full-time residents is a vital part of creating a prospering all-year-round community.

This zone will have more than 20 000 sqm of public space and leisure zones for about 95 000 sqm of residental space.

This is an example of three-bedroom apartment in Centrale with size of 105 sqm and yard with size of 26 sqm.

Contact details:

Name of realtor/organization: Lustica Development AD

Address: Novo Naselje, Radovici bb, Tivat, Montenegro

Contact person: Lustica Bay

Tel: +382 77 200 100

Mobile: +382 67 321 454

Fax: +382 77 200 105